Get To Know The Owners:

 Christovia and Johanna Earthly Ramos





Johanna is a Holistic Health Educator, Author, Speaker, Blogger and founder of Earthly Bodies Natural Living, LLC where she helps people overwhelmed with how to live naturally healthy lives in an over-processed world make their body a spiritually, mentally and physically safe place to LIVE.

Johanna is a 2001 graduate of the University of South Alabama where she received her degree in Health Education with a focus on Nutrition and Kinesiology. The couples newest business venture, Kale Yeah! Juice Cafe in Foley, AL,  now shares this same mission.



Christovia is the CFO of their businesses and runs the day to day operations and promotion. As a former football player for The Tuskegee University Tigers and The University of Alabama Crimson Tide he has experienced first hand what proper nutrition allows the body to achieve. Being married to a health educator has allowed him to continue testing those limits and advocate in the community alongside his wife.

When you visit Kale Yeah! Juice Cafe you will experience the best raw juices, raw smoothies and plant based eats that nature has to offer. Kale Yeah! is here to show you that your body can and wants to heal itself of all ailments and be in optimum condition. Just give your body what it wants and it will GLOW from the inside out!


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Christovia and Johanna have been married for 13 years. In the face of adversity and the tragedy that birthed both Earthly Bodies Natural Living and Kale Yeah! Juice Cafe they have found true strength and God's love in each other. Johanna has no problem saying that she will be forever grateful that God chose her to be his wife and the mother of their children.

They are fueled by their passion to find out more about keeping these Earthly Bodies healthy and a safe place for us to LIVE. Their passion and commitment is around showing people a better way to provide their body the health and nutrition it needs to thrive and achieve optimum health.



You can meet them and get juiced at 119 S McKenzie St in Foley, AL or visit them online at earthlybodies.org and kaleyeahjuicecafe.org.